The Story of The Gates Satchel

Recently we asked Erin Gates from Elements of Style if she would like to collaborate on a custom handbag this spring. We were  excited when she said yes, and pleasantly surprised when two days later she came back to us with this amazing concept!


1 - GatesTote-design


We immediately went to work in our New York factory to bring her vision to life.

2- Cutting the leather

3 - Checking our work

5 - Some finishing touches

6 - Off to sewing

4 - testing the leather

Soon we had a completely new design that everyone in our office loved!

From concept to reality the Gates Satchel was ready for its close up. Lights, Camera, Action!


Today the Gates Satchel has launched, we would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work and dedication. You can see all five Gates Satchels on the GiGi New York website and on Elements of Style.


9 - Erin Gates Tote 2


8 - Erin Gates Tote

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